New Adventure: How to build a game in XNA without any knowledge about it?!

As I said on my previous post, I decided to build one game in order to learn something different and also to keep myself trying the “Monetization path” for my Apps.

I ended up making this tutorial from MSDN site… Really high quality material! If you wanna to learn something about XNA, you have to take this tutorial!

This was a very nice Tutorial and it really helped me to do my first steps on the XNA world. Thanks Microsoft for that. Really good stuff!

As a developer I simply cannot learn things by “reading”/”repeating”(from tutorials…) stuff. I have to do something by myself! Then that’s the time when MathFly came in, after few weeks:

The main drivers of the game were:

  • Have fun and learn (my daughter is just learning Math and the game fits perfectly!)
  • Create a “Competition” environment by creating a worldwide Leaderboard!

The Game just got certified and very soon it will be available on the WP marketplace! Enjoy!

More infos can be found here.

Soon I plan to post also something on a new project coming for Windows 8! Yes! Metro Style Apps Rocks! J

A lot of work, but a lot of fun!!!!


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