Are you looking for a database on the cloud for your apps? Cloudbase is a great option!

Hi Folks!

Some time ago I was looking for some kind of “Web Database” where I could build easily a cross platform(iOS, Android, WP, W8) application. Initially I was looking to something like: Host a database or a data file on some storage platform as SkyDrive, DropBox or GoogleDrive… My idea was to have my data there and access it from different platform… But as you might imagine, there are many challenges on this approach. One of the most critical ones is that there`s no easy way to get just parts of the file from this kind of service… We always need to get the whole file content and that’s quite painful. Let`s say I have 10000 records on an XML file… I would need to download the whole file even if I want to access only one record…

Next step I was investigating services like heroku, azure and some other stuff that google found… They were all too much complex/costly to what i was looking for. And on the other hand, they were all quite demanding case I would develop cross platform apps using Native code on each device…

Then, finally I have found two new candidates: Cloudant and Cloudbase. Both services have a lot of similarities. Different than the traditional relational databases, they are NOSQL databases, which I need to do some deeper studies. They both were exactly what i was looking for!! I ended up taking cloudbase as the first steps tutorial were quite exciting and I could see first results with few minutes, accessing same data on Windows 8, windows Phone and iOS! That really excited me!

I see a lot of potential on services like cloudbase because they really make it easy for developers to build much wider experiences across different technologies, delivering a much better user experience to the end-user. It is really a very nice service, which i strongly recommend you to take a look! Right now I am working on a small project to help cloudbase developers… Quite soon I will be announcing it here.

Meanwhile, worth take a look on cloudbase website!


Have fun!


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