My full(and long) name is Pedro Castelo Branco Lourenço(PCBL). Some people might describe me like that I’m the man who “beautifulness meets smartness”, other like a man who “ugliness meets stupidity”. I would say than I’m in between these visions… I was born in Belo Horizonte, a very nice city on Minas Gerais state, Brazil but since Nov. 2008 I’m living in Germany, working for a company named Savcor (www.savcor.com) as Global Technology Program Manager (fancy name, isn’t ?). I have been working with .Net since 2003 and I never get tired of it. At least up to now….

I have one deep interest on creating a better networking when it comes to software development communities. Know how to do is really good, but what really matters is to know who can do it as well. That’s what I see all the time when I look to the community. At the end of the day, when you dedicate time to the community, it truly allows you to create very unique opportunities to make things (always) better. With this spirit I was nominated for 2 years as MS MVP (July.2008->July.2010). And I believe that this is one of the reasons why I created this space.

I have been too far from the community since I moved to Germany. And now that I have my things going on a good direction, it’s time to dedicate more to the community. That’s why I created this blog. The plan is very easy: I want to share through this blog some of interesting things that I might see during my work life. Maybe even from private life.

See you out there!
  1. Hi,


    Now days I came across the TFS as well as the this application TFS On The Road.

    I saw the application, and for accessing the tfs it looks very useful,
    but seeing very less activity I was quite disappointed, as I was planning to add some more features to the application.
    will if be possible to throws some light my query: “is it that the community doesn’t need this type of app for tfs even though its availability freely”,or something else.


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