Do you know Scratch?


I’m gonna start this post by adding some nice text taken from the here:

“Learning to understand dynamic systems is an essential step in understanding the

world around us. However, learning it at university, high school or even middle

school level might be too late. By this age children already develop their own

models of how the world works.”
When I look to my daughter mind-blowing creativity I must agree 100% on what is mentioned above! Right now she is 8 years old and she is always developing models on how stuff works. On this light, after talking to a friend of mine I ended up on Scratch, which is an outstanding MIT Project to introduce children some computational logic in order to support them to be more prepared for the world!

It emphasizes an very nice “Creative Computing” concept. The main target is not to create young programmers, but to introduce “core computational concepts”(loops, conditions,…) to them, allowing them to explore other areas backed up with a solid computational knowledge. Imagine if you could learn some key Math concepts and immediately use them on a sample project?!

Great stuff MIT! Keep up the awesome work!


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