Some News after being so quiet…

Yes! I Know!! That was a long time not posting anything here. This is bad but was needed…

I have been quite busy and did not managed myself to keep the blog up-to-date…

But I have some news! About a month and half ago I started to look for better the possibilities that I can get from Microsoft Advertising when it comes to “making money” with my WP apps. If you are not aware about that, I strongly encourage you to jump on this boat!

As an exercise I have made a very simple App which is bringing a good feedback: Verse Of The Day. The Idea of the application is Very simple… The user would get a daily bible verse on his phone… After a couple of hours I came up with something somehow like this:


You can download the App to your phone (IT IS FREE!) by clicking on the image bellow:

A quite interesting feature is the Live Tile feature, which change it to a set of nice pictures and also keep the daily verse updated!

After a nice feedback I ended up releasing an updated version few days ago, this time supporting a feature to Share to the user preferred Social Networks and also one option to get some random verses:


I have to confess that I did not get rich with the advertising on this App but it was a very nice exercise! J

By doing this App I realized it was time to make a bigger step and make a GAME!!! That’s where XNA came in!

On the next post I will keep telling the news!!


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