Things are getting interesting

Hi Folks!
I write this post exactly 10 days after Tfs On The Road was published on the Market Place. First of all I would like to thanks every supporter of the App. Iha!
I want to share some statics…
First thing to share is the number of downloads (source Reports from MSDN App Hub). On the first two days the App got more than 155 downloads! I think this is a reasonable number for my first app. J

And it is really coming from everywhere… Take a look:

country type units
Australia Free 7
Austria Free 1
Belgium Free 3
Canada Free 6
France Free 6
Germany Free 24
Hong Kong SAR Free 1
Italy Free 2
Mexico Free 4
New Zealand Free 1
Singapore Free 2
Spain Free 4
Switzerland Free 1
United Kingdom Free 10
United States Free 77

Source=MSDN AppHub

Besides this, the main App page( had about 620 Pageviews! I consider this also a good achievement due to my limited possibilities to actually share the app properly on some channels.

What really make things move faster are the folks that post something about the app to their friends. Some blogs that I found mentioning the App are:

There’s a lot more. Thanks for the support! Special thanks goes to Brian Keller, which really made a huge impact on this Traffic site(J) and also for the open channel to collect my feedback as a consumer of TFS Odata Services.

I could not forget also all the mentions on Twitter… Thanks Felipao(or Felipin?), André, Idevar, Alfredex, Kono, Lino and everyone else that I forgot to mention… J Thanks!

I’m happy with this scenario and I can see very nice steps ahead… I hope that soon I can release the new version of the App with the extensive chart supporting possibilities.

Let’s keep up the hard work! J


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