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Application certified! Lessons learned…

No pain, no gain! J

I just got this mail! Iha! Now the app is certified and it is on the way to get published on the WP7 Market place!
It took a while until I got the application certified but now it is time to learn from my mistakes! J

So, here are some topics that I definitively learned!

  1. They will really test your app! Be sure of this! They will go over your app upside-down and they will potentially find that bug that only you know! J I’m really impressed with the quality of tests that the MS is doing on each app that is being published.
  2. Do not use any kind of trademark unless you have a clear approval to use it. You need to provide the information about this approval during the submission.

    A good example on this one is the mistakes that I made on my app using Visual Studio Logo and Sharepoint Logo (actually was an icon).

  3. There are people out there using the WP7 Light background (aka battery killer!)
    This means that you need to run the whole app with Light background. Just be sure that everything looks nice. Use all existing themes and brushes from WP7(
  4. Test your app tombstoning deeply! This mean that you should check what happens case you press the “Windows” and “back” on every single screen of your app.
    It is important to be sure that you are not trying to set something on the phoneState that cannot be serialized/deserialized
  5. If your application needs some credentials to be accessed, be sure that you provide test ones during the certification process

    In my case I had to setup a test TFS project on Codeplex in a way that the MS guys could get access to run the application. Boring but required. If they cannot get into your app, it will not have the green-light!

  6. Make as much tests as possible before you submit!

That’s it! Now my next post will happen when the App gets officially published.


The 3rd Failure…

Again! L

So this time only one bug was reported:

The thing is that I’m using MVVM Light and I made the mistake to just set one complete ViewModel object(inherits from MVVMLight.ViewModelBase) during a tombstone operation.

The issue is that the ViewModelBase parameterless contructor is protected… Then this failure happened. Taking a look on the web, this issue might be solved on next MVVM releases.


OK. In the end was my mistake to just save a complete viewModel to the phone state. Now it is fixed… I just submitted the app few minutes ago.

Let’s wait and see what comes next…

Failing the test(again)

Hi Folks!

Well… This is becoming too boring. J My app failed again… L

This time was Sharepoint!? I believe that they were mentioning to the icons that I was referring to Team project…. Here they are:

I think this time they really exaggerated…. But OK. I removed these icons and I’m using some “generics” now.

I hope that now they don’t come up with any complaints!

Besides that they detected one bug when the user has the background set to light… Who is really using this light background? This is a battery killer! J But anyway…

So this is the chart that they refer to. You can see that it is really hard to read the axis data….:

This was one mistake from my side. I fixed the backcolor to “black”… Everything looks ok when the phone background is dark… But when it was light…. So I just changed to use the {PhoneBackgroundBrush} and life is good.


OK… Application re-submitted… I hope that this time it gets the green light and gets published to the MarketPlace.

This certification process is a bit boring but I’m happy to see that the guys are really testing the app. That’s the only way to have a not so high # of bugged aps. J Let’s move on!

The day that I failed the test :(

Hi Folks!

It took a while (6 days) until I got a feedback from WP7 market place. The feedback was that my application failed the test. L

OK OK! J I was innocent enough to believe that the usage of Visual Studio logo would create me any trouble…. I could try to get some sort of approval from MS but I think that they should not allow me to use the logo and at the end the process to get one answer would take really long… Then I changed the logos to avoid problems!


The other requirement that the app failed was:

To be honest I was not thinking that they were going to really test the app by running it and so on… This creates some trouble for me because I would need to give them access to a test environment… OK OK. Codeplex came to save my day! I created one test project to give them access… As soon as the app became public I will publish the test credentials also on the blog.

Another very important topic was that I didn’t give any instruction to the tester guys…. So when you submit your app, be sure to give something on the “Tester notes” field.

This time when I re-submitted my app I gave very clear instructions to the testers…

Let’s see if this time we come through! J

I will update the blog as soon as I hear something new. I hope this time I hear something faster!

All the way up to WP7 Market Place…

On my last post I’ve mentioned that TFS is one “hot”topic of the moment on this blog. But I forgot to mention the obvious!

I’m really happy with my WP7 device. I was all the time looking for applications to allow me to access TFS from my WP7… That’s exactly what I have been working on the past days… Very soon you will have more information on that.

On the next posts I will show all the process from to publish an App on the WP Market Place.

One very critical thing is to take screen-shots of my Application. It is very painful to take a print-screen and use “MS Paint” to crop it. J Some other fancy would use some other tools, but let’s not waste time when there are smart people out there creating nice tools! J

And I found one very good to help us on that! You can get it here.

The application usage is very simple. Once you have the WP7 emulator running, just run it.

The usage is quite simple. You have two options: Take a screenshot for WP Marketplace (without the skin) or to do something else(with the Skin).
Check out here the Images:
This one was for Marketplace:

This one was made for “Other”:

Have fun!


Pedrão, aka pedro castelo, is back! J
After a longer time away from the community I’m coming back to share some experiences over this blog. So let’s get started!

Lately I have been working a lot with TFS and I really like this product. Actually TFS will play a very important role during the next days on this space. I’m not going to say too much, but I want to show some pictures:


Looks nice, hum!? Prepare yourself! Nice stuff coming on the line! J