Failing the test(again)

Hi Folks!

Well… This is becoming too boring. J My app failed again… L

This time was Sharepoint!? I believe that they were mentioning to the icons that I was referring to Team project…. Here they are:

I think this time they really exaggerated…. But OK. I removed these icons and I’m using some “generics” now.

I hope that now they don’t come up with any complaints!

Besides that they detected one bug when the user has the background set to light… Who is really using this light background? This is a battery killer! J But anyway…

So this is the chart that they refer to. You can see that it is really hard to read the axis data….:

This was one mistake from my side. I fixed the backcolor to “black”… Everything looks ok when the phone background is dark… But when it was light…. So I just changed to use the {PhoneBackgroundBrush} and life is good.


OK… Application re-submitted… I hope that this time it gets the green light and gets published to the MarketPlace.

This certification process is a bit boring but I’m happy to see that the guys are really testing the app. That’s the only way to have a not so high # of bugged aps. J Let’s move on!

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  1. This is getting funny! Let us know how it ends! =D

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