Publishing one App to the Market Place

As previously mentioned, on this post I will cover the submission process of the MSDN App Hub.

To follow this procedure you will need to register yourself on the App Hub. This includes paying the annual subscription fee (75€, $99 USD). So, no new Xbox game this month…. Or you should cut some of your beer/coke to pay that. J

You can submit one app even before your account gets verified by GeoTrust. Actually I was advised by the support guys to submit an App (even if it would be just a test app) in order to trigger the verification procedure from geoTrust.

The general process is described on the image Bellow:


You should be patient and read all the requirements in order to avoid that your application fails the certification process… This is boring but very important. Take your time to read it…

One of the advices that I followed before send the app was to use the Capability Detection tool to only have on my manifest what my app really needed.

Manifest before.

Tool execution results:

Manifest after.

Before start the submission you should have:

  • Application name and version (Of course you need it! J)
  • One description about the app. You will need to give it. It’s important that you think in pre-hand.
  • Have images on the following dimensions:
    • 173 x 173(Large phone application tile icon)
    • 99 x 99(Small phone application tile icon)
    • 200 x 200 (Large PC application tile icon)
    • 1000 x 800(Background panorama [optional])
    • 480 x 800(Page screenshots [at least 1, up to 8]). Just use the tool that I proposed on this post to take as much screenshots you can.
  1. Once you are logged, just click on My dashboard/Windows Phone

  1. If you don’t have anything published you will see the screen bellow. Click on submit App.

  2. Now just fill in the Application name and Version. Then you should also provide the XAP. DON’T FORGET TO SEND YOUR XAP FROM THE RELEASE FOLDER. If you send debug bits, the TEST WILL FAIL.

  3. Once you click on next it might take a while depending on how big your XAP is…

  4. Then it is time to provide your description

  5. After that you should provide the images that I described before… Just add all of them.

  6. If you are looking for money, just give your price at the Pricing step. That’s also the place where you say if your app has a demo version or not. On some next post I want to talk more about Trial versions…

  7. Ready! Easy, isn’t it? If you don’t want to publish even if it passes the certification, just uncheck the checkbox.

Now you need to wait… Like I’m waiting… J I read that the average time to have one app certified is 1.8 days…. Mine already went over. I hope that it passes. J

I give more news when I have! 🙂

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