All the way up to WP7 Market Place…

On my last post I’ve mentioned that TFS is one “hot”topic of the moment on this blog. But I forgot to mention the obvious!

I’m really happy with my WP7 device. I was all the time looking for applications to allow me to access TFS from my WP7… That’s exactly what I have been working on the past days… Very soon you will have more information on that.

On the next posts I will show all the process from to publish an App on the WP Market Place.

One very critical thing is to take screen-shots of my Application. It is very painful to take a print-screen and use “MS Paint” to crop it. J Some other fancy would use some other tools, but let’s not waste time when there are smart people out there creating nice tools! J

And I found one very good to help us on that! You can get it here.

The application usage is very simple. Once you have the WP7 emulator running, just run it.

The usage is quite simple. You have two options: Take a screenshot for WP Marketplace (without the skin) or to do something else(with the Skin).
Check out here the Images:
This one was for Marketplace:

This one was made for “Other”:

Have fun!

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